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Girls Night Out Party Buses

Aside from bachelorette parties, having a girls night out is undoubtedly one of the most popular reasons to rent a bus from Rockstar Party Bus. There is no better mode of transportation than taking a St. Louis party bus all around town with your best friends and hit all your favorite hotspots.

There is quite possibly no better way to travel than with your closest gal pals, enjoying your favorite drinks, music and LED light show than aboard one of the most fun vehicles in town. 


Even though you'll likely be enjoying some cocktails and snacks on the bus, be sure to save room to go to your favorite bars and clubs! We have both 15 and 30 passenger buses each with their own chauffeur who will take you wherever you'd like to go with as many stops in between. Your personal driver will make sure everyone gets home safely!

If bar hopping isn't your kind of scene, feel free to just take a drive around town! You can make your own fun on the bus with your own food, drinks and music and just have a great time while taking in the sights. 

Possibly the best thing about renting one of our affordable St. Louis party buses for your girls night out is that you will be safe and protected while having a great time. Any other night out with friends can become a hassle with trying to figure out who will be the designated driver, and often you find yourself stuck in that position yourself. With renting a party bus, you have a professional chauffeur at your beck and call, so every single person in your party can go wild and enjoy themselves without having to think twice about driving.

When you're ready to book a bus with us, give us a call! 314-620-5223

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