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                                    HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:

Please read through all 11 questions and answers.  If you have further question or would like to book a trip, just give us a call at 314-620-5223!


Are you allowed to have alcohol on the bus?


Of Course!  You can bring any adult beverages you like. We just need to make sure that if alcohol is on the bus, then everyone has to be at least 21.  


Is your company licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed with the state of Missouri and carry the mandatory insurance requirements


Are we allowed to bring food or snacks on the bus?

Sure, no problem!  We just ask that you clean up all messes/trash before your trip is over


What if our trip goes past our reservation time?

It's usually not a problem!  We understand that delays can happen or that you want to just keep having fun! Your agreed overtime rate will apply and be billed in 15 minute increments.


How many people can we have on the bus?
We have 4 buses.   We have 18 and 28 passenger party buses.  Our coach bus holds 32.


Should we tip the driver?
Our prices do not include a driver tip.  It is customary to tip the drivers as long as you were completely satisfied with your trip.  Our drivers work hard to make sure you have a great time!
Can children be on the bus?
Absolutely!  Many of our parties are family oriented such as childrens birthday parties, father/daugher dances, proms, etc...  We just ask that no alcohol be on the bus what so ever.   For childrens parties, we also require that a responsible adult is on the bus at all times.


Can we smoke on the bus?
Sorry, but no smoking or vaping is allowed on the bus.  We can however make as many stops as you want.


What are the rules on the bus?
We want everyone to have a great time, but there are certain rules to follow.  There is no standing on seats, no messing with emergency exits, no yelling outside the bus, or no throwing of any objects in or outside the bus.  Any damage done to the inside or outside of the bus will be paid for by you - so please be careful!  At the end of the trip, please take all belongings and trash with you.


What areas do you service?
We service the entire state of Missouri.  Any trip over a 30 mile radius of st. louis will incur mileage fees - just call for quotes on longer trips.


How do I book a party?
You will need to call us at 314-620-5223 to make a reservation or for any other questions.  You can also fill out the form in the "contact us" section and someone will get back with you shortly.  Once your party is booked, we will send you a confirmation with all the details about your trip and a copy of our contract and rules to sign and turn in to us before your trip begins.


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